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La Phoenix is an instrumental group of professional musicians. There are 4 sparkling members in the group - Johanna Marie Kork (violin), Sandra Hiie (violin/viola), Eliisa Elfenbein (saxophone) and Aike Randmann (cello), but they usually perform as a trio.


All the girls have background as classical musicians, nevertheless they love to experiment with different styles.

La Phoenix repertory consists of pop-, rock-, movie- as well as classical music pieces.

The variety in styles allows to perform at different types of events – from weddings to clubs. Both classical as well as electrical instruments can be used.


They say: „One of our goals is to bring people closer to the world of classical music. In order to do that we have created contemporary versions of classical music pieces which are more easy to listen. In the future we would like to create music ourselves and would like to collaborate with other musicians.“


The idea to form the group La Phoenix was born in Italy where Johanna and Sandra were studying together. The Italian culture, way of living and positive mindset was a great inspiration and it gave birth to the new musical group. The name La Phoenix has a little hint to Italy as well ("la"- in Italian feminine article). The word phoenix is perfect to describe the girls themselves – sparkling personalities with exceptional ideas and with the will to fly high and far.


La Phoenix offers different solutions and programs in order to make every event special and memorable. Please contact us for more information!

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